Do you have text that you want to improve?

Was it written by a non-native English speaker and you would you like it to sound more natural?

Perhaps it is a little wordy and you would like to make it more concise?

Is it a little unclear and ambiguous in places and you would like to improve its clarity?

Maybe you need your manuscript edited to conform to a particular journal's or publisher's style?

    This is where copyediting comes in.

    What does copyediting involve?

    • Correcting spelling, grammar, punctuation, word use and sentence structure.
    • Raising queries with the author, in a clear and polite manner, to help resolve ambiguities.
    • Applying house style (e.g. a publisher's or a journal's particular style) – I am comfortable with both British and American English and punctuation use and with a variety of standard house styles, such as Oxford, Chicago and APA style.

    How is copyediting completed?

    All copyediting is done on-screen in Microsoft Word. What's more, Word's 'Track changes' feature can be used so that you can see all of the changes that I make.

    What media can be copyedited?

    Any! I have experience working with a wide variety of texts, including website content, large multi-author books, academic journals, company materials and more.

    What subject areas are covered?

    I have experience in a wide range of subject areas, including biological sciences, medicine, law, humanities, health and safety, and finance, as well as lifestyle.

    Copywriting with copyediting service

    I also provide a copywriting/copyediting combo service. If I am copyediting a report or article for you, I would be happy to write a social-media-friendly summary for promotional use.