Ensuring clarity, consistency and accuracy

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Quality check and tidy-up

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Concise, user-friendly content

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What is copyediting?

Generally, copyediting involves correcting errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar, style and usage, and checking consistency, accuracy and structure.

The aim of copyediting (according to the CIEP) is to ensure that a publication is:

  • accurate
  • easy to follow
  • fit for purpose and
  • free of
    • error
    • omission
    • inconsistency
    • repetition.

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How is proofreading different?

Put simply, proofreading is the quality check and tidy-up after material has been copyedited.

In general, proofreading takes a much lighter approach than copyediting, focusing on correcting errors and checking consistency, rather than in-depth editing.

It also focuses on layout, as the 'proof' is the material after it has been displayed or printed.

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